Mykee Fowlin, Psy. D                                                        

Wed., Dec 5th     Time 3:30 – 5:00pm

“You Don’t Know Me Until You Know Me”           

To varying degrees, we all wear masks. We are conditioned to hide our true selves, out of fear of being rejected and/or judged. We are taught to devalue or ignore our pain, as if its utility is better served hidden than exposed. But what if this approach is ultimately to our detriment, not our survival? What if our authentic self is all we have, and our pain is the gift that we use to change this world? And imagine, as a foundational premise, we are raised and trained to celebrate differences, as an inclusive process, not just a tolerable one.

Attendees will: (1) gain in-depth understanding of the issues and societal trends when considering diversity through the transparency of “their clients;"  (2) explore, evaluate and revise their own defense mechanisms when they initiate the counseling process;  and (3) be challenged to perform critical self-analysis of their approaches with emerging issues in the counseling process.

In his one-man presentation, Dr. Fowlin uses many of his gifts – humor, performance art, poetry, storytelling, psychology, theatrical monologues, and his personal journey – to create a moving experience for all who are open to this evolution.


Dr. Michael (Mykee) Fowlin has been formally acting since age 11, but started creating voices (via prank calling) at age 9. In addition to his talents on stage, he has an undergraduate degree in psychology from Evangel University and a doctorate in clinical psychology from Rutgers University. His programs combine both his professional acting talents and his psychological training. Mykee's work has included peer mediation, diversity trainings, gender equity workshops, and violence prevention seminars.  He hopes that all audience members will leave his performance with that wonderful, awakening feeling of beauty: the beauty within one’s self and the beauty within others; the celebration of our differences, and the acceptance of our shared experiences. 



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